Why Does Mike Epps Hate Kevin Hart!

Black Hollywood is a nest of vipers, snakes and homosexuals who prey on the young and innocent. Recently i had the chance to watch an episode of the morning show with the god, charlamagne on youtube where mike epps was the guest and he went on about gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers are those who have reached a status as Epps explained where they have the power to say You, yes You NO! And according to the comic genius HE IS A Pioneer who deserves credit for paving the way for young guys like KEVIN HART who now keeps others like MIKE EPPS outta the pie.

Interestingly Epps used coded language to say how he had to EARN everything he has achieved in the world of Black Hollywood! A place filled with vipers snakes asps and a bunch of outta hand same sex and homosexuals that today rule the roost! Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with it. Understand last thing anyone needs is enemies but at times truths and facts must be stated Otherwise we will continue to live with masks, veils and fake news.

We highly recommend that yall watch for yourselves and let us know what yall think. Thank yall and blessings everyone!

3 responses to “Why Does Mike Epps Hate Kevin Hart!”

  1. if anything i was very tame in my piece I just hope I dont get SLAPPED for writing it!

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  2. Mike Epps referenced LEE DANIELS! OK. See who DAT IS?


  3. Epps with a smirk spoke about lee daniels and his love of men and how demanding lee daniels is yeah right 👌🏿 epps did what was necessary to get the work 👌🏿 understood Jajaja 😓😡😳🤯😱


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