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  • Cleo Prince Jr. And Donald Trump’s Big Lie Both The Same! Okay 🆗

    Psychopaths and the shower scene from Psycho the movie 🎥 are frightening surely it is but we know better now as we understand that rage and violence will come out to wreak havoc and insurrection As on January 6th the former president trump’s Big Lie Continues To Grow and the thrill of killing the USA…

  • The Stroke v. The Wizard Of Oz! A Musing.

    Seemingly a stroke is no joke and I Totally agree with everyone who is concerned about that race in Pa. The Stroke is no reason Not to vote For the Lieutenant who openly said The elephant in the room! The Idea For the Wizard of Oz to even appear So far from his palatial homes…

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Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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