The Girl in the Stroller

She was a cute little thing of a year or so, immediately he thought about his two grandchildren December and February; this precocious heart winner was smiling at an older man who seemed too preoccupied by life’s vicissitudes to notice this impish bundle of joy, who despite her parents’ admonitions was beaming the biggest smile you could ever imagine. Suddenly, Groucho rose from his slumber, saw the smile; and the entire subway car became filled by the radiance and sunshine which seemed to fill every empty space while all the nooks and crannies smoldered with a youthful affection which came from pure, unadulterated love more commonly found in man’s best friend but as she was just a baby her energy made the old man rise and as he reached to shake the hand, the baby grabbed his finger and began to coo; when she did all eyes came round and smiles were seen and the old man was now very proud and then solemnly bowed to the glorious child. Amen.

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