See Not, Speak 🗣 Not!, A New Joint, Jajaja 🙏♒️🐕🍀

See not and speak not

As the women die, no worries it’s an established “understanding ” if ya will; Jajaja, we all know the deals come on Man really Now? Now ya want to stop! Even if ya wanted to, it will never end Don’t y’all understand! Plead, cry, beg. Go ahead! Jajaja ya too late with ya talks of improving common people lives’. Never happened and it never will! I dare ya to try, come on Take on traditional beliefs go tell ya rural populations just off some long ignored places to allow their children to make decisions for themselves. How in this time and place can we get these folks to see Yes and to Speak Up, not, Not speak or see ya atrocities and just keep on being afraid to Stand Up!

As the ships finally allowed them to come up for fresh air, tired and dehydrated a bunch in a Mad Rush, All 12 Martyrs shackles holding them back pushed their enslavers out of their way and jumped over the slave ship, Amistad; preferring Holy Death to Slavery, an honorable way for ya human beings to die but never live that life, Give me Liberty or give me Death!

See not, Speak not! Ya inconvenient truths through out the world view of others, i humbly stand up for ya poor and downtrodden wherever ya are, know this that people like me exist and ya Are Not Alone!