No Moral Compass, A work in progress.

An early riser Jay had the Puritan work ethic ingrained in him by his grandpa, a Holocaust survivor who had endured many privations during WWII. The old man loved Jay to an extreme as he knew his time was short; vicariously he wished that his grandson would continue his legacy of good works. Having built up a real estate office, Josiah Purim became a hero of sorts in the outer boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn by helping veterans find housing. The GI Bill was helping the vets adjust to civilization and Purim Park Manor in Queens was a big hit just like Coral Springs Residences near Coney island. The veterans were happy at first then it was apparent that repairs were not in the agenda. To add more to the tale were rampant rumors that Blacks and Latinos needn’t apply for an apartment or house. Eventually it was confirmed in the courts and Mr. Purim paid heavy fines for denying equal access to the plaintiffs.

In this morass where money becomes king, Jay was shown the ropes of veiled concern for others as manipulation and sneaky behavior became his normal. Grandpa before dying when Jay was sixteen imparted one lesson that Jay would never forget: the art of the deal is to win by any means necessary!

Jay was surely a winner, a millionaire by twenty five he guided Purim Enterprises, LLC like Stravinsky on human growth hormones. The kid proved naysayers wrong, he bought properties in NYC and business boomed! Then like Icarus soaring too close to the sun; against his father’s wishes Jay bought 666 Celestial Place and the Devil was in the details because before he knew it the building was draining cash at the tune of thirty to forty millions for the last two years. Desperate for money, Jay and his father Chester came to the conclusion that Jay needed to find a rich young lady with connections in the real estate industry. A business meeting was set up by his mom, Sylvania, an immigrant from Bucharest; the girl’s name was Ace Whist, a homely child of 28 whose own mother was dying for a suitor to come calling. Jay instantly became the darling in the whole family. Ace’s two brothers were ecstatic also but her dad, Bid or Biddy to his friends was beyond himself as he harbored incestual feelings for the twenty eight year old.

Her brothers, Jack and Kingsley were the figure heads in the business. Ace as her name implied was the real brains in the entire outfit. Being a woman she knew was holding her back as she aspired to be president one day. Being so smart the possibility was good that she could be. Jay also a smart cookie saw the chance and jumped the proverbial brooom! The wedding was the talk of the Town, the Hamptons celebrated! The Jersey shore too. The Post and Daily News fought for the exclusive photos as America’s Best made America great again! 666, the damn building still drained money so Jay ever resourceful ordered Chinese food and the fortune cookie saw his whole life for him. It said, ” Go East young man.” Horace Greeley when informed by his newspaper staff, turned in his grave. East? Why not West Jay, Greeley implored from the depths of more than a hundred years ago. Jay and Chester being about the money knew that Communist China was emerging markets galore. Soon they had financing and 666 despite the number filled up with new Asian and Russian clients. The Whist-Purim pairing was a huge success story in the matchmaking industry. Every mother with hard to handle cases sought out the mademoiselle behind the matrimony, Queen Spades was a fixture in the community, a Bahamian with a nursing degree and magical powers. She lived in the Pine Barrens in Jersey and had many folks coming to her for help. If you came out there she always helped out the less fortunate. In the case of Whist-Purim, the Queen got paper; serious paper which allowed for the occasional philanthropy that Ms. Spades provided. As for our hero, Jay, used the new infusion of cash to go on a buying spree in B-More Country Maryland where a competitor was buying everything in sight. Nit-up, L.L.C. was a start up with huge oil deposits from oligarchs in Russia. They were very aggressive in their tactics as well as Purim Enterprises and the darndest thing took place. The two companies decided that they were only hurting each other; signing an agreement until 2036. Nit-up and Purim celebrated with Moet-Chandon Rothschild 1936, a vintage produced with French cooperation by the German government of the time. Ooo-la la verboten schwarz ahh negger, the staff all sang as the champagne flowed. Two thousand dollars per bottle but who cares when you’re playing with Other People’s Money. Jay Purim and Igor Nitup were cut from the same cloth, they both agreed; their bond was inextricable and tied to the secret society that brought them together more than twenty-five years ago. Lifelong friends but who knew? Most Americans were puzzled by Bid Whist and his new relationship with Nitup since in the past acrimony over international deals had been their motto. However due to Jay who most believed to be a genius rapprochement became the darling of the day. Soon the two titans of industry became inseparable, playing golf and hunting quayles out in the hills of Indiana and Arkansas. One day while hunting for quayles, an associate of Bid, a man called Puntz shot another hunter by accident. Mr. Cheney was not happy about the buckshot all in his face. Phal was livid with Bid Whist for inviting Puntz. All night the group argued, poor Puntz got chewed out by Phal, whose friends and family called Dick because frankly everyone in Wyoming and NYC knew was a real dick. Lovingly his friends recalled the many times that Phal had been just that! So proud was he but now he was truly sorry