theexiledexhorterAs an immigrant whom has resided in the USA for over fifty years it pains me deeply to see the debacle taking place. Children are being used to politicize an issue of life or death. The women and children coming to the southern border are desperate human beings not terrorists. The American Creed has created a long list of inbred terrorists that are crucial to groups like Al-Qaeda, ISI$ and Hamas. CHARLOTTESVILLE, Las Vegas shooting, Janet Reno, George W. Bush, Dick Chaney, Al Sharpton, Billy Graham are all domestic terrorists whom over the years put the wool over their followers’ EYES. The list is too long to list but think about it. People pretending to help but really misinformed and out for themselves, not us the urban workers and forget the countryside.

The American people we all know can be ill-informed about many things going on in the world and the propaganda machines such as FOXNEWS and msnbc keep spewing venom to us all. It is a minefield of misinformation that spouts untruths, lies and at times bits of the REAL world.

The REAL World continues enslavement, human trafficking, pedophilia and greedy politicians who go to bed with ANYONE who offers hand-outs and promises more coming. Be they Russians, Arabs, wealthy DOMINICANS, South Koreans, Jews, Blacks or what have you. People like DeBlasio, Cuomo or Trump have no value system whatsoever. They cherish money and those who have it. They are for sale, trust ME on THAT one. To Schumer and McConnell immigrants are mere chips on their dinner table while being roommates at night. These people sleep together at night making policy. They don’t CARE ABOUT immigrants from shithole countries and we from those countries only wish that our histories would have kept us apart from you forever but given that you are imperialists what can the shithole countries say, “Thank you for disrupting our economies and stealing our natural resources thanks.”

The plight of these people is an American creation much like the chickens coming home to roost. Malcolm was punished and later murdered for speaking TRUTHS but the reality is that a WALL or an electronic wire fence or whatever won’t STOP the horde that is to continue unless WE don’t start writing letters to these halls of government, real handwritten Letters with angry thoughts and demand change. Letters to editors and these crooked politicians.

Change must be created or it stagnates.