Trump’s Bombast

As of today, 45 will return to his native city to address the United Nations as to North Korea’s threat to the Free World as it launches missiles left and right of its territory. As we all know, “Boys will be boys.” That in my humble opinion is the crisis we face today. 45 and “Rocketboy” as far as we seen have small hands and are too overly preoccupied with their “manhood” and their show of false bravado are nothing more than hamming it up for public consumption. All this talk of war is nothing more than Madison Avenue being used to confuse the masses as the Big 3: Russia, China and the U.S.A. continue to manipulate and run this farce we call global politics. Go on with your lives and continue to love your families. 45 is a gasbag who would make a great cushion along with Rocketboy to sit on, but it would blow wind, you know? “Wind” like gas, passed.

Trump And Biden: The Lesser Of Two Evils.

2020 has been a tumultuous year with so many natural disasters, floods, wildfires and earthquakes. We have seen so many tornadoes ripping through the plains and Midwest that at times we must ask how is possible that we survive it all. However we beg to consider that the biggest disaster has been the Trump presidency. At the outset with customary flair, pomp and circumstance, Mr. Trump began his re-election campaign the same day he assumed the office. Filled with bravado and hubris he has run roughshod all over this nation and the world. All the autocrats belong to a mutual admiration society with Trump and Putin leading the pack.

Mr. Trump is a wolf and we know what we will be getting from this guy. Joseph Biden is a wily fox,so his stealth hides the truth also. However, here is the truth of the matter. Two elderly white men are the candidates for the position of leader of the free world. Bernie Sanders was the other potential candidate for the presidency. Imagine as John Lennon would say, Really? Two old white guys with checkered pasts and foreign connections which deserve investigation. One beholden to China and the other to Russia. One other thing about these two, they are the dregs of the status quo which refuses to change and allow for progress to truly flourish. Economic disparities will continue as well as race baiting and divide and conquer, that good old boy is here to stay! Forever it seems and Trump is a crass practitioner with his filter-less self. Joe Biden is a forgetful old man with limited intellectual abilities. A family man and the scion of a dysfunctional family rarely seen in its naked nepotism and corrupt behavior. The son, Hunter is a craven ghoul of a man, seducing his late brother’s wife and then dumping her. What does that say about Daddy? With Trump we know that he is about making money from the office. So far so good but Covid19  is a new animal that has never been seen before.

Mr. Trump may say that he is doing a great job. He is not! But can we trust Biden?

We are going to have to trust him because we cannot put up with four more years of Team Trump. Period! Good bye sir, go back to Mar-A-Lago!

Mental Health At 1600.

Flip flops, sandals and Crocs are all comfortable shoes;

But in politics you must stand firm, clear and transparent

Preferred. Kick your shoes off and take a few calls and call

It a day, That’s the new presidential way, golfing on any chance.

Make America Great Again, how dare you say, far as we know

It’s always been that way! Under new management and due to

Erratic behavior and infantile ways we must ask questions

Without delay, after all 72 years old, maybe the stress is getting too

Strong, for any man to carry all alone. Prayers for the president

As he holds the bag, whether we like it or not, the guy is holding

The bag, yes, that one with the nuclear button. Relax, don’t get

That man going, you know, tantrums, tantrums, tantrums!

Covid19 now has Him in a dither, poor guy didn’t sign up for this!

Just last year Golf almost daily. The hypocrisy is unheard of in the annals of history.

Happy Goodbye 2018.

Storms hurricanes volcanic eruptions mudslides fires tsunamis countless evacuations flooding senseless murders #METoo! Harvey Weinstein Kevin Spacey our national embarrassment and SO much more!

Let us pray for rain and warm breezes carrying new scents and horizons for us to aspire inspire and live FREE.

Enjoy your GOOD health throughout the new year.

Happy 2019!!!

Are Words Hurtful?


As you can see this young man is a self-serving hypocrite who dislikes women in positions of authority; and when things don’t go his way lashes out using profanities and racist rants.
A classic example of an overbearing, privileged and boring human being, this guy is married to the U.S.Open’s 2015 women’s 🏆. I wonder if she and other women, and men, see any similarities between this cretin and the leader of the free 🌎. Just wondering…


I love the game of baseball unequivocally, my dear colleague Herb Fischer feels the same. We like the nuances of a finely pitched game more than a blowout. We 💘 extra inning games more than anything else but I will tell you something we love right now more than anything else is? Drum roll please, AaRON JUDGE! Why? He is so humble, well-grounded and self-assured. He looks DOWN when he hits those truly MAJESTIC home runs. After his 50th home run in his ROOKIE season he said after pointing upward, “The Lord put me in this position, I take a quick moment to say thank you. It’s a blessing every time I step on the field.”
There is hope after all.

WTF? Coach McAdoo

The fabled New York Giants of yore are no more.
Smash-mouth football be damned they seem to say; passing from the one, come on already Coach, I thought you knew: from the red zone there’s no pizzazz just rough and tumble until the last gasp.
Eli Manning is part of the problem but so are you, mr.offensive coordinator and head coach too. So be quiet and run the ball until you’re BLUE!