deep turds deterred!

claimants defamation affirmed by a jury’s decision after the defendant would not be factual looking at the jury for help as the sordid tales emerged with audios so vulgar and indecent XXX should have been the bylines for the hounds of twitter instagram etc pummeled the psycho chicken and the drug-addled deep state of lacking balls and common lyrics sense Johnny Depp ya are just as terrible at love and relationships .

hopefully this money will go to the charitable Elon musky fund for world domination as the germ promised in the British liberal suit okay .

The golden rule and karma are a bit cheaper than before for the pirates of the Caribbean I dare say !

money talks and tonight it will cost musk 15 millions of turds’heard it through the grapevines oh boy Austin Texas !

One response to “deep turds deterred!”

  1. The spectacle is over God 🙏 bless. Enough already 😁 okay 👍


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