Yet We Daily Failed!

As much as there is there’s still not enough! Why’s that?

As much as y’all have yet there’s not enough And children daily dues are not being kept So 24/7/365 kids Die? Children die? Little bitty baby girl boy Die? why’s that Why? Answer ya Why? Why? Por Que? Why? Can ya give y’all an idea if ya do more Will it end the πŸ’€ day and night what ya frightening the kids are dying Why why why why why…?

One thought on “Yet We Daily Failed!

  1. Begs the questions brings inquiry yet at the end of the day Children Duerme bags yes Sleeping bags! Body πŸ’Ό in fact! Kids die daily from bullcrap diseases and diarrhea is Still Number Uno tally baby’s children killer numero Uno Diarrea diarrhea Number one killer Come on man Really? Diarrhea kills children worldwide 😱 Why???


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