Hypocrites At The Gates To Perdition!


To use Twitter posts to disqualify the young lady is laughable Jajaja especially when the republicans kept their own ex president in the national discussion by tweeting about everything else except being the president remember? Or have you forgotten that Politricksters! So what that she is a tough woman and brown? The Republicans national party is a great joke Jajaja and the democratic president is a professional political leader who has good intentions but ya gotta agree that the president is a bit off at times. I don’t care about that I just want Trump to never be president again! The danger of Trump 2.0 is not a joke and the republicans have dreams of a re Do Jajaja🇺🇸💩🎉 💩

6 responses to “Hypocrites At The Gates To Perdition!”

  1. Crappy happy josh Hawley Ted Cruz Mitch McConnell too much for a me rica tierra con mucho $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to give away thank ya LLC’$@Blackwater et all of Dick Shooting straight Chainsaw and the red white and blue white supremacy white privileged white old guy’s old Boys Network! Now THERE =Powers and influence Ugh 🤦‍♂️

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  2. The Republican leadership is just about the worst cross section of humanity, and they barely qualify as human. What makes them so bad is a one-two punch of distracting the public with their racism while they enable white collar criminals who further increase the crippling wealth inequality in this country. And there is a survey correlation between violent crime and wealth inequality, but they ignore that correlation, and just hit the public with more racism. They are an insidious bunch.

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    • Aren’t that we truths about that circle ⭕️ of national crimes committed by virtue of white supremacy in the government. The correlation between the two I am so freaking glad that you bring it up 🆙! Thank ya for the update and the church of WordPress is open for business happy Birthday 🎂 to the newlyweds and the president of the United States 🇺🇸! Not! The Republicans’ imbecility is venomous and brown people beware of 🤬🤐🥵🐘🥸😜🤔🤢🤮👺💩🤡🤠😷

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  3. To be honest Hawley and Cruz are just too much of the same old same old how did we get here bye Da Boogie Down Jajaja Wayne John Coltrane surely Preferred, Blue Note period ya know ya know ya jazz music 🎶🙏♒️🐕🎶💃❤️🇺🇸🤬🐘🤮👺🤡


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