In Trying Times!

Whenever it becomes heavy and the bliss we presume life will be And then it’s Not; I find that walking a long distance has a way of relieving the unnecessary thoughts of negativity that inevitably creep up.

The Human Condition if ya are really honest with thyself, proves that we are petty childish and wanting of love and approval alongside respect and then Ya will feel not being used! Appreciation goes a long way to get folks to become more compassionate and humble otherwise we are going to revert to what we really are; insecure scared human beings with hardly a clue as to what tomorrow or the future holds for ya and the rest of the world 🌎!

As the streets converge and become one, head down as the eyes no longer have it; the wise person looks carefully and enjoys the sights of 1st Avenue with its restaurants, delis, shops and assorted dry goods stores. New York at night is a different place and 1st Avenue after 96th street proves it! The dereliction of duty by the many mayors and other national leaders in the area of improvement in the lives of black and brown people is the primary reason for the unrest that exists in the USA. And both Politricksters parties are at fault for causing poor whites and poor communities of color from working together for common causes as in the 60’s and 70’s.

In trying times a long walk allows for introspection and deep reflection especially if ya have no audio or radio to divert attention from ya loneliness and preferred isolation!

And as ya walked the night lit up with the buzz of LED and fluorescent lights used to accommodate the patrons of the food joints trying to survive the trying times of ya present lives; the plane ✈️ overhead and the 🌚 shining bright brought back the essence of the journey, Communion With God as ya showed me the way!πŸ™β™’οΈπŸ•πŸ˜Ž

In trying times it helps tremendously toot! Jajaja
Aren’t you glad you ain’t Trump Jajaja

4 responses to “In Trying Times!”

  1. Rough patch of life which allows for the undertaking of prose! Who really wants to walk 3 miles with a full backpack πŸŽ’ and a heavy heart ❀️ but it is what it is! Hence, A good LONG WALK To ease what wearied. All a father is allowed to do! Oh well I guess I will be walking πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ again Jajaja


  2. I have a older brother who is supposedly an Atheist Jajaja come on Man really Jajaja! I know ya prays in trying times ya do! Admitted it’s πŸ‘πŸΎ How can ya Not? Socialization Don’t Play. We build constructs tenets philosophies and cults All trying in TRYING TIMES TO SEEK GOD’S wisdom which was there All during the trying times! Remember Footprints πŸ‘£ In The sandwich Jajaja


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