3 thoughts on “Statues And ” So-Called Heroes.”

  1. The USA loves celebrities their lifestyle clothes and supposedly Fabulous life! Every day folks take 💩 and pisses. Facts otherwise you is some new sheesh I’ve never seen Anyway due to Capitalism everyone and everything here is a commodity. There’s a price on all of us. Limbs eyes organs all have set prices and Ya know this too🐕🙏♒️😷


  2. How easily people can be duped into believing what they want to believe in the first place; a narrative whereby the poor old noble southerners were defeated and humiliated by the federal government and even today we white Americans aren’t happy with the government so we are going to overthrow it, Not for president Trump! Really because you hate yourselves so much that you cannot see anyone who prospers. A bunch of 🦀 in a bucket 🪣! Always pulling people Down! Heavy drinking jealous disaffected angry people filled with hate and a God who is either crazy like Trump or High on Meth and K2 like that bunch of terrorists running around the Capitol Building on January 6th 2021!


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