The Last Prom.

It was the 9th grade prom and the music was playing some song. Then after a half past 8; there she was, All Grace , and Kelly too. Ms. Longstein was a beautiful Blonde with varied attributes but to me she was Way more than That . She’d been my English teacher and homeroom class. Puppy love unrequited begs for attention so I set out to be Distraction par excellence. Talking with out raising my hands, arguing with classmates and hitting this kid after being dared by him, with a chair! I was madly in love with my 9th grade lass, going on 15, I was 6 feet and 175. Too young to provide I wallowed in my knighthood dreams.

In January came the bad news, she had to go back to Buffalo , I was crushed. During lunch I wrote her a poem from the heart. I came clean as I casually placed my confession into her bag. Now, tonight we’re at the prom. When after dancing with her teacher date ms. Longstein asked me I know you wrote me that poem , well I totally understand and if you were older I can see me with you. Boy she was smooth, clean and delicious as James Brown git offa da thing played and she gently led my hands to her hips, bliss. Puppy love ? Doggy style !

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