3 thoughts on “Father of the Year!

  1. The idea that having children is some game goes out da winda. 28 years for Black people ; 20 at the extreme Latest with white parenting. Listen I have 3, 2 women and a middle son who behaves like the middle child. It’s Hard Work raising kids; And God please, being Blessed with god fearing smart nice people who come from ya 😱 it is the great est of Joy! This asshole punched the baby for taking a dump! Maybe buying diapers would have been a good idea to make before deciding to kill Abel. Herman Cain probably wishes from Purgatory that Tulsa Oklahoma was after all A Really BADDD DECISION.🙏🐕♒️ This guy should get a fair trial but I am using the Old Tests to choose the cretin’s Fate!☹️🤬🙏🐕♒️


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