We Don’t Quit, A Musing.

Taken aback by the facts;

Brought to a new land under duress.

Forced to work for free from sunup

To sundown with the merest of scraps

Tossed about, Hey you! See how you survive the shackles that still provide you with the hate for yourself that you seek out the ones who resemble you and your children to kill and maim, all because you hate the color of your skin; poor poor child of God what has History wrought A subset of Black folks who have Hate imprinted into them Russian like Sleepers cells Meant for killing us and no one else!

Black on Black Crimson is the blood of the fallen if you hadn’t a clue how much blood must we shed before common sense can rear its head? The musing has taken a life of its own and now I know my message is true God is overdue and the fate of those who don’t quit is at stake as we shoot each other down daily the sad news is the same Black on Black crimes are the worst offense for those who don’t quit

John Henry was a real man who was able to drive railroad nails with a single strike. Baseball the greatest game ever since gives participants three chances to swing for a hit.

In life we have a one time opportunity to be come on Black folks who are we to stop and let the subset of our nation to tear us down. We don’t quit people are invested by Faith in our God and the church is the bastion foundation for the survival of the American Black Race! We don’t quit! Understand me on that fact!

We don’t quit until the very end

Let’s take ownership and deal with the pain Black on Black Crimes is the biggest disgrace! Doing the job for the white men, who roam late at night with our subset looking for their next target; it could be me or you!

Black on Black crimes is the bane of our existence, so sadly so trumpian true!

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