Crossroads , A Musing.

In the intersection of our loved affaires; mon Cherie left me

Outside of air, oxygen, flammable and volatility through the roof.

We both knew that the crossroads cause concerns but by then it was too late! There was no turning back and it wasn’t caused by the lacks that loves and hates creates. Nah, loved was ruling the roost because we had put down roots, deep abiding vows maintained by the facts that 3 children were involved .

But the crossroads takes us all to different directions collisions, oppositions Convictions, Foundations Educations Nations Actions

Not Mere Words! Which way to go ? Go West young man, Horace

Greeley implored the pioneers as they robbed and killed Native populations . North to Alaska where Seward’s Folly robbed and maimed Inuits and the narwhals to near extinction as the gold and oil flowed free. South to Mississippi ‘s slave plantations where the hootin’ and the hollerin’ came Not from owls in the trees. Or maybe

The Middle East where war reins the bells of freedom and peace Or maybe I will stay right here until Covid19 masks sense. And the rest is History as the story was once told!

Which Ways to go ? Sorry , I just don’t know .

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