The Turtle On The Box.

Myrtle invited some friends for an evening’s spot of tea. Cape, the cetacean and Bering, the pinniped. They went back to the Good Ole Days and whenever they had a chance afternoon teas ruled the day. Talk began about climate change and how it was killing most of them. Myrtle the oldest held court plus it was her abode after all. “Dat ways I sees it it’s a losing battle fighting dese bureaucrats and their billshit legislation,” Now there, there, my old friend can’t get yourself worked up as you know we all gonna need your wisdom and advice, said Cape the Cetacean, who despite his massive size spoke quietly and with a precision unheard of in whales, narwhals and such. “Remember Myrtle and Bering that we have lots of good friends fighting for us. Bering wasn’t the sociable type as he lived among hundreds of thousands other seals until about 2016 when he was forced to go upland for food and shelter. It was the scariest thing ever and Bering lost hundreds of friends so they understood the trauma of Death.

The Bronx River Winds its way to Hunts Point and Rikers Island.

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