The Turtle In The Bed.

The turtle is methodical in its movements and president trump is not totally stupid in his own actions. He knows exactly what he is doing Trust me on that one.

After the flooding stopped and the rainwater receded Louise found on her bed; a green turtle who said, “Hi, my name is Fred but my mom called me Knucklehead. I had kids with Mary Ann and I loved them to death. One became president for one term and dismantled Democracy, sold out the presidency for past favors due and got down on his knees for one more term to the Russians and the Chinese who only had bad things to say about my son who was not going anywhere else but race and division; I mean, come on he is my son after all. Not the smartest person in the world but again; He Is My Son! But I regret not being able to make him a better man but then again he is my son, remember Knuckle head.

White Power Advocates love this guy!
Congrezzz still love Trump and the bullishness of the markets goes to COVID-19.

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