The Autobiography Of An Ex- Kingpin.

I remember arriving in Superior, Wisconsin after the Black Out that same month of July 1977. NYC was a scruffy dog of a town always scratching on poles and stranger’s legs. Mayor Lindsay I remember was good looking compared to what’s his name? Wagner and Beame Koch Dinkins ALL were up to their necks with financial woes. Giuliani luckily survived the blast on 9/11 even though in 1993 there had been the initial attack. How smart was he, lucky in my book. Anyway by 1977 i was 18 years old playing varsity football so in Superior i joined the team. Coach Mercorelli, an old grizzled Italian barked out orders as our running backs futilely tried to hit the 5 hole in the line and not being able to pierce the wall. We worked .. hard until one day after football practice me, Aaron Pryor and Clinton Dozier were headed home to Ross Hall and a feud broke out. Racial by all the metrics. To be continued.

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