Map Dominican Republic – Ads by Google

“Map Dominican Republic – Ads by Google”,42530495&u_his=2&brdim=0,0,0,0,320,0,320,458,323,463&prev_fmts=320x250_0ads_al&format=fpkc_al_lp&kw_type=radlink&hl=en&rt=ChBe8g3HAARLygqFlJqwCXz2EgEgGghuHlo8CIZN1CgBUhMI2dPllY-Y6gIVQkgbCh3yUQiUeAKCARQKEEdvb2dsZSBFYXJ0aCBNYXASAIIBGgoWTWFwIERvbWluaWNhbiBSZXB1YmxpYxIAggESCg5TYXRlbGxpdGUgTWFwcxIAggETCg9BZXJpYWwgTWFwIFZpZXcSAIIBEQoNQWVyaWFsIFBob3RvcxIAiAEB&ad_type=text

Atop, map of Dominican Republic. Below, map of Hispaniola; both done with Bronx River rocks.

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