“Too MUCH Testing” at Fault.

Insidious deceptive and irresponsible of the TWO overlords running roughshod maskless wherever THEY appear ghostface killahs, forgive me Bruh, BUT The Trump Danger and his loyal scythe carrying ghoulish Tonto FRIEND, mike pence; how dare these two along with their retinue spread their effin germs. June lulls the lazy fattened by the mirth of long hot days. Eating and drinking all DAY OK I’d like the same but I’m just AFRAID. Two grandchildren changes your wsys. Hey Hey good night be blessed and wake up everybody when you awaken tomorrow the new DAY.

Here is a clear disparity too great NOT to say something is criminal. Bolton writes his detailed book dissing TRUMP NOW But not when he could’ve done some good. During the mock trial of impeachment the Walrus took a pass.
5 Deferments Wartime President presumes that 38% still believe in the brutal strength of his insular government. If he could a moat would be built to keep the riffraffs away from his genteel self. Andrew Jackson with his cold steely eyes surely would’ve cowed the coward that lies within. Alas that38% is in his pocket ALREADY and get out the votes effort better step up or else!

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