Unfair To The Cause For A Better World.

Yesterday the youngest in my family, MigzGil sent me this photo which shows this item was used to poison 3 NYC police officers at a Shake Shack in THEIR COFFEE! My sister is a proud retired NYPD officer who served honorably this city. It is shameful to the GAME y’all to go after folks in their food and shit. I mean how are you aiding the cause for human decency by tearing down your own small businesses. Men and women in BLUE MATTER TOO AWRIGHT! My family is made up by marriages and liasons with both Black and White Americans and Jamaican plus Puerto Rican sauce. We complex but all of us love this country, warts and all. My point after all is why use this methid to hurt our cause whomever of the Shake Shack employees it was that put HAND SANITIZER IN THE COFFEE! Disappointed angry and saddened by the inhumanities displayed on all sides in the present situation AT HAND. 

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