lucky grandpa blues? NOT!

my granddaughter pictured, milly rose is my NOT, meaning I have NOT 1 or 2 or 3 reasons for complaining as MILLY ROSE tells me constantly, I LOVE YOU GRANDPA BEAR! How sweet is that.
Along with REY my grandson also 3 years old, I am a lucky man but WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE? Tears flow from Mother Earth as she watches u.s. all from way Above.
Racial animosity will exist but Peaceful Co-Existence is always open for discussion but first we must sit down to dinner as a nation of HOPE and A PRAYER offered for the USA and the rest of HUMANITY> GOD BLESS US ALL.
As a son, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, in-law, father or grandfather LAST THING I ever want to see again is this PICTURED. NEVER AGAIN!!!
The unfortunate assassination of George Floyd has sparked a social unrest movement that will be hard to STOP unless serious talk is involved.
Rest in Peace, all of ya’ll brothers and sisters killed in action by their local police precincts. TOO MANY TO COUNT! DAGGG!!
Ashes to ashes Dust to Dust; of the earth and of the soil are we, lucky to have been, alive, to see the trees and the beauty of a setting and a RISING SUN! God bless us all all over again.

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