You Cannot Hide Now!

Da mucha pena que todavias hay personas latinas que dicen, “YO no soy negro.” Miren esa vaina aqui en estos paises no importa porque los k se meten en la academia siempre terminan AZUL, como los CRIPS, pero no lo llaman ASI. UNA GANGA TOO!CRips love BLUE AND NYPD does 2!Novus ordo Seclorum means NEW WORLD ORDER but it is not WRESTLING just like ARCHER’S ISIS, ain’t about IRAN, IRAQ and AFGHA(OPIUM CAPITAL OF EL MUNDO)NISTAN.
Novus Ordo Seclorum from here is NOS #1 Prez? Sits in Egg Shaped Office(OVAL) Snakes(scales)of just(US)ice above Steve Mnuchin’s Wife who is ACCUSTOMED ONLY TO TE FINEST LUXURIES(why did you take this stooopid gig, Steve? Ugh, I hate you and I hate that messy PIG! Ugh, his lil hands, Steve, How do you do it, ugh, I cannot stand THAT man)

The Exiled Exhorter

Hey Kim. hey how you doing? Ah listen , can I ask you a question? Where’s YOUR BOY DONNIE?

Donnie is probably COWERING< FRUSTRATED AND BEWILDERED by the CIVIL WAR right in front of 1600 well he diss say that HE IS A WARTIME PERVSIDENT? RIGHT? Hashtag Jeffrey Epstein, a dear friend. Where are you Cohn, Cohen Flynn and Cardi B LLC?

Why all the recent events unfolding? Well the fact that as BRIGHT ASSERTS, WE ARE MIRED IN DOO, Scooby’s maybe and Not DONALD TRUMPO, the orange elephant in the room, haha, not funny, nothing funny about trumpo dee the prosboscis or elephant big ass rumps trumps and grumps his day 24/7/365 why don’t they like me Kelly Anne Conway, threw her husband UNDER THE BUS!

Laziest, comparable in girth to Taft, make-up loving as much or more than Bruce Jenner? Narcissus rankes tenth in HIS LIST which by…

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