Critical Mass.

It does toke a nation to delay the inevitable that if it continues this way, this Road to Perdition, only “Smoke Anyone?” Can SAVE THE DAY, ROLL(haha) on, you mighty river filled with Despair as your young men are taken to be slaughtered, in faraway lands with names we on the HOME FRONT have NEVER heard of BEfore, Afghanistan? Kurdistan? Azerbaijan? Somaliland? Melanasia? That’s a place too? What? Who even lives in a place called Melanasia? OHH shoo! A BUNCH OF BLACK PEOPLE DUDES!
Makes sense after all, Melanin! Melanasia is also a Black place. Forgotten, yes, but NOT BY ME!
History my brothers and sisters will set us ALL FREE! Mark my WORDS!!!
A product of his times, a REAL WARTIME PRESIDENT by the way. Just saying!
Martyr in Chief knew that his life was on Borrowed Time, Mayor Of MINNEAPOLIS WATCH YOUR 6!! Please.
And you thought it was some crazy notion held by some wacky retired History teacher, well, are you CONVINCED NOW!
And if you are WHITE be careful too, once you speak up to POWER they will degrade you and label you, a commie loving ni–er bedding woman, man degenerate deluded fools! TOO!
But at the end of the day , this picture will hold its own i don’t care about other women, check out what NEW YORK CITY PRODUCED! Cardi B to the WORLD Bitches…

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