The Tide Of Islam Surges Ahead.

As TRUMP vacillates Isis is back to its OLD tricks as advantages are garnered by the tides and the storms of Covid19, wreaking havoc Iraq and Afghanistan are within their deadly to women grip. 18 YEARS all for naught no NO for “TheOpium” THAT U.S. why we FIGHT for so LONG= Heroin in our streets killing back folks and whitey is on the phone, BULGER WHITEY IF you didn’t know.

Noko is also recalcitrant and 24/7/365 jajaja in the Orange Head’s face. Derision follows along with sibilants. Sh sh sh, TRUMP is home whistles and bells along with sh sh sh sounds, sibilants not sycophants, in the crowds telling TRUMP to sh, sh, shut UP old fool. Enough with YOU being the Terrible Twos in the HOUSE

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