Happy Memorial Day!

Wilhelm Warner or Warner Wilhelm, a.ka. Bill DeBlasio; holds briefings and news conferences just like RUMPS and the Pterodactyl over NYState, Andrew Cuomo. By all appearances they care deeply about the country and the states, BULLCRAP, because the proof is in the pudding. The city of New York, upstate and the USA are ALL GOING TO S-it! Blah blah blah, that is what we get. Ride MTA buses and 1/3 of the riders wear NO MASKS. The trains look like an old building as the homeless have taken over. NO POLICE ANYWHERE! I LOOK FOR THEIR presence. it does not exist. WHERE ARE THE COPS? Wires are hanging out of electrical boxes as the HOMELESS reign!
Here is a prime example of INEPTITUDE!
Power concedes nothing without a DEMAND!
When your own mother>>OMG!
Politricksters ONLY care about the Black and Hispanic votes when the election cycle is afoot! On Memorial Day 2020 let us be mindful that the choices are BOTH OLD WHITEMEN! Women, Gays and other minorities be damned, and if you are poor it don’t matter your color or gender since POOR IS POOR everywhere. Enjoy the holiday and stay safe at HOME.

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