How Ironic A.K.A.’s Can Be.

The Mind is the most powerful weapon of all. It is a weapon that is swift upon Attack!
It teaches us the sciences and the arts. Philosophy and its love of knowledge is pure poetry to those who love and like to read, comment and basically say to anyone Hey, I stand up for myself and the most IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE< REALLY< IS TO HELP OTHERS RISE JUST AS WELL!!!
How ironic A.K.A.s Can Be.
Nicknames, aliases and a.k.a.s
Are all always a way for us
to be Insane. Tall is short, and dark
Is white. Slanted eyes? Chino you gon’
Be, it is just destiny as the way of the
world is consistent, most of us can tell.
Dominican, black or white; even Arabs
are IN on the facts.
When it comes to nicknames, aliases, and a.k.a.s
Dizzy, in fact, was the leader of the Pack!
Ingenious, creative.
A living Legend And A Musical Force.
The largest ELEPHANT in the pack.
Here for the world, the LEAST Dizzy
Of All Musical Greats!
With the trumpet and his overflowing cheeks
Dizzy blows like a Tropical wind
Sitting on canoes in a nondescript beach
The birds blow, Blow Dizzy blow!

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