We Are All Stuck To A Toilet Called Earth.

Woman, creator, as she traverses the woods.
Man as he looks over the possibilities for Creation’s sake.
Robber Baron overlooking the detritus of a “FAKE NEWS” empire built upon the merits of an A.I.D.S. afflicted “friend” who He ditched once the terrible news were borne out to be true. Heartless coward, who needs enemies with a “friend” like that!
100,000.00 and counting as floods overtake the Michigan waters and the leader of the “FREE WORLD” menaces its citizens with landlord tactics reminiscent of Jared Kushner and his ilk; raising rents, harassing tenants and converting to condos, nice guy too, but the dad- in- law is even MORE SINISTER! 73 approaches and the stakes have never been higher because the ECONOMY has to open for the GOP to have ANY CHANCE!
Earth Toilet or is it just that we are in deep sh-t?
It begs the question when the citizens of a supposedly democratic nation cannot trust their government due to the many lies and misinformation and DEEP STATE TACTICS! The little guy stands NO CHANCE under present circumstances as we don’t know HALF of what is going on in this “GREAT NATION” I, theexiledexhorter LOVE THE USA MORE THAN DONALD TRUMP DOES!!!
EXIT STRATEGY? NONE> and yet we continue to send poor, black and white boys and girls into areas of the world that none of us can even fathom. WHY.
Foreign policy is kissing Putin and NOKO’s BUTTS.
Progressives the new Socialists the NEW COMMUNISTS! But do they even KNOW of what they SPOUT. WATER it surely IS NOT! The options are dire and yet the decisions WILL HAVE TO BE MADE! Incumbent or Newcomer; for me in Da Boogie Down all I want is to make it pass the crisis at hand. The ONE that NOW is being taken lightly.
Butt-kisser whom thought that being a syconphant would make HIM AG, attorney general of the U.S.A. JaJaJa!
The latest in a string of sycophants who detest the man yet serve the man; the same way the man detests his 38% base of supporters. Dag, is that what we call irony?
China and Russia will NEVER hurt U.S. A.s they already OWN U.S!

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