Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s New Roy Cohn.

Clorox and hydrochloroquine, the Malaria medicine, deigned Lifesavers by the Genius in the Casa Blanca.
Maskless, El Zorro swoops IN to Save The DAY.
Voted MOST vile, insensitive and Homophobic Gay man in American History. Buddy buddy the two NICE GUYS.
Friends, dear to each other until the Acquired Immune Defienciecy Syndromes pushed Trump apart. Real friend, the Prez, real friend. NOT!
Trump Tower built with Cohn’s help from his MOBSTER clients and cronies.
I would NEVER argue with a Mother’s assessment of HER own Child. Would You?
Gemini Double Identity Crisis Syndrome, makes afflicted behave erratically.
Why A whistleblower? Truthteller is the name for Bright’s tale.
The New Roy Cohn, Rudy the most Dangerous Man, RIGHT NOW, wheeling and dealing at Trump’s behest with ALL The ROGUE REGIMES OF THE WORLD!

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