Poetry For The Able And Disabled.


My Home Da Boogie Down.

Da Bronx da Bronx, and now we are ensconced

within its open arms. After All it has its charms.

Da Yankee Stadium, da Bronx zoo and Da

Grand Concourse Avenue!

Like the other boroughs it has its problems;

Youth unemployment, high rates of asthma

and crimes, drugs times two. Gentrification

Will be coming soon as we all know, it is


Da Bronx, Da Bronx misunderstood.

It needs more money and so do you.

Let’s work together to see it through!wp-15897092834582884733891688515074.jpg

So What About Syria.

So pack up and get on your jet planes.

Obama’s eight years have been insane

Roadblocks, obstacles all the way.

Preventing him from possibly being

Great! Americans now blame him for

Being lame. Syria now continues to

Suffer the pain. But America has no

Shame, colluding with Putin and Assad

To continue strikes, bombings and terror

Attacks! Just like Gus Grissom we screwed

The pooch. And now with hooch and Kush

Maybe we will get high in order to be able

To survive the Trump pushblack it is vicious

Upon attack!

In 2016 we went through Regime Change,

We have elected someone off the chainz.

Intent on division to conquer the masses

Of angry white men whom along with their

Families are being thrown shade. Trump

in his haste to 1600, forgot that he hates

Union labor, the poor, uneducated blue

Collar workers basically HIS BASE!wp-15899255237991488204099.jpg





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