A Nation At War With Itself? Civil War.

We would be remiss If I forget SAGRARIO DIAZ a Dominican student killed on April 14, 1972 during an anti government protest in my birthplace.

The Exiled Exhorter


The survivor, Mary Ann Vecchio was called all kinds of insults and diatribes. A 14 year old runaway from Florida was cast as a villainess in a dark tale not of her making or understanding. Even today at 64 she may not truly grasp the enormity of the day’s events. She was called a. “Communist dissenter.” Imagine a runaway child and they brand her a Communist! Mr. Nice Guy Charles Colson said something about dissent; when dissent leads to violence, there will be dead dissenters. Some crass statement emblematic of Tricky Dick’s indifference to the killings. However once the images hit the TV screens and parents saw the carnage things began to change and change it has. We must continue the changes, every day we must work for CHANGE!

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