Miscegenation, Marijuana and Mexicans: American Laws and Racial Politics.


It is convenient for the suburbs to seek new drug sentencing laws as their kids run to the inner cities seeking highs for cheap prices. Oxy abuse begins in the medicine cabinet at home unfortunately. My DAD upon my telling him that the ” V” signs the guys were using was not for victory but valium; ran home and dumped into toilet his 5mg Valium pills!

Nowadays physicians don’t hesitate to line their pockets and too bad for the good ones as the taint tarnishes ALL.

In Rural America sheriffs have no resources to fight the scourge. Trump worries about Blacks and Dominicans taking over the nation BUT it is drug addiction in droves which will stifle the future of the last empire. Some new drug is coming that will be worse than crack cocaine! Cheap high, 12 to 15 minute duration NO need to smoke or inhale, just open packet and the alcohol pad has the substance which you rub into HANDS and then fly glide stay HIGH for ten minutes or MORE! Woohoo.

Yeah, right! That’s All We NEED. Some new old shit to stank up our youth JUST a lil bit MORE. No THANKS!!!

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