Sticks And Stones….

But words will never hurt me.

What Total crap that is, of course words matter. Especrtially when they come from the President of the United States of America.

His racist rhetoric knows no bounds, and not one Republican has the moral compass to truly let him have it. We are going out of our collective minds, and let us be clear No Communist here either!

Mr. Trump believes in his heart that he is only being truthful and Not racist, he does, as he lives in a world of fantasy; we however live in reality thus the divide, cultural and otherwise.

Our problem is a monumental one which will defy convention, 2020 is ceirtenly(Curly Howard voice) in the proverbial bag if you will, and poor people of all classes are ceiten to suffer again.

Baltimore, you even more, I hope Mr. Cummings will survive this maelstrom of Orange Malady; the guy is good! Never underestimate A Bigger Ego, as the id only loves itself and the superego just plays with itself. Little Hands just not able to Master His Domain!

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