Better Things To Worry About.

In a World filled with multiple crises, the president of the U.S.A. casts aspersions and racist remarks onto The Squad; four newly elected congresswomen who question the political process.

Mr. Trump’s hatred is SO clear for these women of color that his hubris hopefully will be self inflicted. In the meantime REAL problems DO exist:

Syria killings its own people with Russian aid; The Congo’s new Ebola outbreak; HIV deaths in Western Africa; Myanmar(Burma) ethnic cleansing of Muslims; Venezuela’s ongoing civil disobedience; Iranian oil tanker seized in Gibraltar and the countless cases of American clergy abusing children.

These are just a drop of the myriad issues affecting NOT only the USA but the world however “Send her back, send(Rep. Omar(MN))her back” is the new mantra used by the president to incite his 33% base support.

There is a cultural shift in the nation as xenophobia, Nativism and plain good ole racism has reared its Orange HEAD and unfortunately isn’t planning on going No Time Soon.

Buckle up motorists and voters as it promises to be a long hard road we will be riding!

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