Thankless Appreciation.

The only thing he wanted was a little piece of heaven.

That’s how he described the love he felt for his woman.

However that was not to be, as the feelings weren’t mutual. Unrequited Love is the worst invention EVER created. Its vacuum’s ALL consuming; desperately seeking, but, Never achieving.

Time suspended in its own axis; a crucible which carries

All the pain and desolation of a heartfelt confession!

He loved her but instead of being truthful and transparent Unrequited Love

Played with his emotions and used his income as the string, tying them together


Day by day

And his frustrations


When you convert the non believer it’s as fulfilling as the Well which Springs

Forth! Bringing riches beyond Suspended Animation.

A feeling with no measure.

Unrequited Love IS THE opposite as it sears into the flesh, mind AND more importantly, the HEART of the matter.

The Occupant, breathless,

Out of mind gasping for air

Wishing the torment,

Consistent within the cavity

Would SOON subside

And the Madness END.

Thankless Appreciation, the new norm as Millenials rule the roost and complain about All Things, except their OWN shortcomings.

Appreciation be Damned!

Just thank your Lucky Star, It’s not the Hoover Dam.

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