Catfight or Difference of Opinions between Two Women Democrats? KellyAnne Conway, that trope finds it funny! No wonder women still struggling for human rights and equal pay. $4.6 billion dollars without any guarantees sounds like placating the Big Orange Bully. Pelosi, nee D’alesandro originally from Baltimore MD is a political hoarder who is very well versed in politricks. Her father and brother both Mayors of that city. The Squad is mostly young politricksters also trying to get more of the Apple pieces for their constituents. Disagreements in politricks is common but the way @AOC is vilified by her party and the Right is clearly a good day for her as she is a fighter and not about to quit anytime soon. K.A. Conway should shut up and show some love to her husband, clearly she can’t wait to grovel in Trump’s yuge shadow; the Dude is clearly overweight and full of dung, animal feces.

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