Art Or Pornography? Just playfulness and BUTTONS. We need to push THEM. The hot button topics concerning the future of this burg, America. We been doing purty good all will admit BUT the farmers, sbo’s and the unions are all chirping BUT not yet singing, We shall Overcome; Sex sells so if my tasteless drawing gets your nogging GOING excellent. Folks must always question the Powers THAT Be! Democracies thrive IN THIS, the citizenry Has A Voice. No taxation without representation remember. ALSO as Theexiledexhorter we are here to HELP folks understand. I am no communist socialist or party promoter. We represent thousands of folks just tired of the lies, duplicity and government failures to deliver the goods to working class Americanos. All Stripes(red, white and blue), Blacks, Browns Yellows, Whites and brilliantly Reds TOO. Enjoy like comment or just ignore. GRACIAS.

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