Hiding In Plain Sight, a lyric poem.

Her affections were priceless

And her face a jasper

In disguise.

For years she had to

Hide. Her true nature

And family tree

From Alamammy with

Nary a HOPE.

Parents mixed need to


She was near to

White, but in

Hometowns rumor

Mills run around.

The best to DO

Leave and hide;

@$ in young girls

Of prominence

Once knocked UP

They are sent OFF

To study abroad

Or some SUCH.

Convents, sanatoriums

And so many campgrounds

Serve to hide the

Ugly truths.

The Wealthy and RICH

Live by clearly

Indifferent RULES.

It’s not WHAT you KNOW


Country clubs, All Boys affairs. Ladies and their

Charity tours

What they lack

Is just COMMON

Sense, Thomas

Paine probably

Feels our pain.

Come to da hood

Bring nothing but

You. Then we can

Finally speak!

Black white yellow

And red.

Primary colors used

Instead to spark

Conflagration and argumentation

And pure pure


Primary colors

SHOULD unite

Don’t let Hate

Dictate OUR


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