Bread Crumbs For Bush Salad. 10/26/2016.

His thirst for power

Knows no bounds.

He was willing to

Act the clown.

Confuse the populace

With his pomp and


He Is An American

Creation Only

In this nation,

Do you see this


A Dude who is

Bald acting like

He’s got comb over

And All that.

Some hair on

His chest if not

His back.

Clearly the head

Space is empty

Combing over hair

Scraps, tufts of

Hair, erstwhile

Members of that

Scalp Orange in

Complexion But

Of another dimension.

He really is worth

Hardly a mention.

But again may

We add…

He is an American


Only in this

Nation We allow

Such damnations.

Names like Arpaio

Of New Mexico: Duke

Of the Klan.

Trump and his brand

Giuliani with his

Lies; Sean Hannity and

His ties and Phyllis

Schafly who

Unfortunately just died.

Yes, the list is long

But that is only

If you belong to

These two parties.

In the Land that

Pays lip service

To its underclass.

But when you

Order out using

Your cellphone

Your Ceasar salad

Comes back all wrong.

Just like US foreign policies

Benghazi emails

She wasn’t there


She has no knowledge

Of what went down.

On the other side

We have the clown

And just remember

When you order out

That the bread Crumbs

For your ceasar salad

Make it Also


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