I Want My Wall DAMNIT!

As the shutdown regresses our economy thousands of federal employees are being held hostage by our president. It is vile evil and so unnecessary for this mess to continue. Feckless politicians are scared of Mr Trump’s tar and feathering tactics. The man is a master at derision volatility and impetuousness. As a billionaire he surely isn’t lacking but it demonstrates his hostility toward common people and overall commercial interests. Folks are losing their savings on the market as a lack of confidence continues to swell.

Make America Great sounds hollow and a distant promise which like everything else has become a victim of the. 24 hour news cycle.

Letters as in the old days should be sent to Congress and 45; no more tweets or email, old fashioned letter writing campaign. Who’s with me Americans?

Old Fashioned Letters to Congress expressing our national discontent. Let us KNOW.

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