The Whirlwind, by m.e.

Everyday every hour if possible seeking urging wanting trouble to come along for a ride of a lifetime. So you think you have problems well share the joys pitfalls and malaprops cause ours is filled by mudcakes and rainfall. The longer the journey the higher our sense of accomplishment; the road is long and painful but the attributes far outweigh the trepidation. We are better following assessment because it gauges us and helps us in our desire for answers to the questions that we cannot answer though we try.

Somehow in the interpretation the essence came unglue thus the binds unloosed gained ground vis a vis Kim Kardashian.

How else explain this debacle of womanhood unrestrained and unapologetic with crazy Kanye in tow.

High school I NEVER abused any girl. Period.

College, I never ABUSED any girl Period.

God BLESS US ALL. Save us from the Queen of England Donald Trump and RAS-PUTIN.

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