The Maiden Voyage

As the ship set course all aboard were filled with apprehension and delight. Not everyday does anyone feel the breezes and aromas that only open waters bring about. To sail effortlessly as the winds raise sails and the helmsman sets course, the waters take on a life of their own; the undulations create a synergy of vibrations that chakras find hard to ignore and We are at a loss lest We explore what Life holds in store.

For m.e. my ego is seemingly bigger than me or so i have been told but i don’t believe that is SO then again i am truly biased on my side, SORRY truly but at 59, m.e. change my spots: 2 late y’all. Sorry again as it is the American Way- step on feet say SORRY, YOU should be good i hope.

The ship, USSTrump promised many riches to a select few. Never forget that CLASS IS THE REAL ENEMY OF LAITY, LOYALTY AND LEGACY; think about it before saying are u crazy fool.

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