The Dungeon

Below deck all was privy,

Only those deemed fit could stay but all others

Pray, for water or what may; the journey for the weary is always long strenuous BUT for SO LONG

Being called an alien can get to your psyche and what makes you strong

The world is truly an amalgam, of wishes hopes and so much more

But there is no hope in store, REALLY

But good people GOD offers MUCH MORE

Despite tribulations humiliations and more

Stay alert vigilant and FIGHT

That’s RIGHT!

The shock forces will never cease to destroy you lest vigilance is maintained.

The seeds of revolution come from WITHIN, people can tolerate but so much. 45 is tempting Fate, Lucifer and all that is beautiful in what makes Americans GREAT.

This is a great nation filled with beautiful people that care worry cry and are at pains to make all this mess go away. Alas it is not to be BUT America is still the Land of Promise, what a conundrum for a talentless wannabe strongman; Americans’ only hope: Donald Trump, oh well…

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