Leader Of The Free World.

How do I begin to tell the story that could never be, the true love story that suffers m.e. How do I do? With her magic rings she seized upon my weaknesses and played those things, that now I see were rings , how do I start. With her all things, pennies, dimes afraid of poverty. Well, how do I begin to tell the story of a Trumpian thing. After all she voted for Him, how do I start? How to reconcile those petty little things, rings, bells chimes ding, ding.

A Trumpian soliloquy may be in order but I dare say nay, neigh as in equine, how about Central Park and horses; bill da big German disguised as an ITALIAN, HIM! Hypocrites all plus HRC, Sharpton, Otolaye at Housing, DA WORST LIAR EVER THAT WOMAN HATES BLACKS AND POOR PEOPLE IT SEEMS! Really, what to do with this New York mess, don’t forget Trump is one of ours unfortunately, but WE MUST HELP OUR FELLOW NEW YORKER BEFORE HE KILLS US ALL, THE MAN IS INSANE AND IF You VOTED For THIS JACKAL, PHOOEY To You TOO, KNOW WHAT IM SAYING, TOOTSIE; no, he was a man, whatshisname? Sexual predators everywhere. Weinstein et al.

The White House has a resident pervologist, word just came in folks. But guns everywhere and NO WORD ABOUT THAT! Russia, Putin, white supremacists and some fine people on both sides, wow. I love America more than any American could ever imagine as I ve lived here for fifty years and it’s slowly killing us all, this travesty taking place. Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed…

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