Somewhere Beyond.

In the distance, south of Westchester County lies 57th Street; there within the tower true history is being revisited as the 45×3, Eric, Junior and Ivanka reap rewards beyond compare and God forbid anyone dare speak of POTUS, Flotus or Hocus Pocus because the h2o is tainted with bug juice or some ole kool aid saved from back in the day.

45×3, Ronald Trunk, the standard bearer for the GOP, an elephant so large but his trunk has no surprises it is short, flaccid filled with acids and by-products of green, red and blue pills seems the elephants and donkeys up on the Hill all love their pills.

On 57th Street and 5th Avenue, all the merchants and vendors are in an uproar; due to the popularity of 45×3 or the lack thereof, protesters and White supremacist groups scream obscenities all day LONG. The din is maddening with po-pos on the scene, traffic, tourists and real new yorkers wearing frowns as they attempt to walk around the standing only crowds.

How did we go so off track, well one- third of Americans chose the pig we GOT; seems change was needed after Hope and Change Man became a lame ass apologist for Muslims, Jews and Don’t Want To Work Americanos who are always ready to diss those who DO WANT TO WORK. Terrible thing when 1/3rd of voters decide winners and losers but here we all knew that DJT is a raging egomaniac full of delusional apparitions of Daddy Fred and Mentor Roy Cohn, both REALLY GREAT GUYS.

As the sun sets, storm clouds rumble in the distance but it is not rain merely the incantations of a madhatter flipping hats, parties, wives and lies as he works fastidiously covering his tracks and footprints before the shit blows back to 57th Street. Mueller Time, no SORRY, i meant Miller Beer.

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