Sexist To The Core.

45 gets off with his Teflon veneer, calling women lightweights, dummies and other choice scatological anomalies. We are appalled to say the least and NOT surprised by Donnie’s antics as he has been a consistent voice for White MadMen Mentality for the past 65 years. From the cradle to the grave 45 will be a rabblerouser, populist voice for white Americans who believe that THEIR country is beyond repair and thus seek ways to embargo and boycott its potential progress in the hands of “brown” people. Goddamn it to Hell before I let MY AMERICA fall into the hands of mexicans, iranians and boogaboos; the thought could be heard throughout the United States of America whenever 45 uttered a sound, we want our country BACK. THAT deems to be the NUT if you will, the core, the pit which TRUMPS all rational thoughts. White Americans prefer destruction over construction because every sentient ONE KNEW 45 IS SLEAZY AND SELF-CENTERED. Ah, RIGHT but so are the rest of WE. OKAY. ENOUGH FOR NOW.

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