You Can’t Teach Bravery.

Shot down but undeterred, the airman seeks relief but he will not talk to the enemy. This 20 year old showed real grit, this tough son of a bee, floated like a butterfly but kept his trap tightly lid.

A real American hero from small town midwest but in times of war you can’t stand by; everyone is tasked to provide, prayers, good thoughts and so much more.

Today we have been in Afghanistan for 16 years; protecting the poppy growers so the junk makes it home to us; suburbia be damned as heroin has no shame. It enters Black, Caucasian and Asian homes but the hypocrisy gets lost amid the daily cycle.

The airman came through, he lived to tell his tale; harrowing, scary but re-affirming as well. He realized that God had a plan, and that surely he would land back in the midwest to be with the land, filled by dairy cows, real butter and clouds; so close to the eyes, in winter aurora borealis may even pass by.

Americans are lucky yet don’t realize how hard it is to stem the tide of nations who wish ill-will to us and what we abide; the American Creed still stands to this day.

Let no President or Congress coerce your decisions, after all; Americans always answer the call. Let’s just pray that that awful day will never ever come our way.

God bless America and may it stay; the Symbol of Freedom, now, please bow your head and let us all pray. Amen!

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