To The Celebrities, a musing by m.e.

Heard you were jumping ship. Going elsewhere after Hillary’s slip.
The popular vote doesn’t matter, that’s just used to excuse; the
electoral college but to my knowledge this crap happens all the time.
But how about spending some time on all the hypocrisy coming from L.A.
to New York City; now it seems EVERYBODY KNEW and chose to play along.
Please, please please if you took the money from Harvey Weinstein then
PLEASE SHUT UP as that’s exactly what you did; giving him more time to hurt others while you counted paper, so please stop your whining and go back to your bank, count the money again. How does that feel? Harvey’s hands on you again, why? Because you took the money and stayed quiet since 1996, you KNEW, NOW SHUT UP ROSE MCGOWAN!

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