The Train wreck

He surely was no conductor, kept missing stops and causing delays. The passengers in an uproar kept banging on his door. As a jack-of-all trades and master of none; this latest venture as conductor was not in the plans. However his big mouth and divisive tactics made him too alluring for the GOP to pass up. He was new, brash, the things he said he took all them to ❤. He’s a 🚶contradiction, we just hope he doesn’t derail because as conductor, most chief engineers fail. This present iteration has no feel for the open roads; chooses to work close to home.
This chief engineer as conductors go, rates as a no-no; you see he hone his craft under his Dad,real estate, by the way. And let me tell you, the conductor has made many mistakes; for one he doesn’t think before tweeting and changing fates. We only wish the conductor wouldn’t hate the railyards and smokestacks so much. It seems he forgot that without coupling, trains would never get back.
The conductor needs more 🚆 ng in diplomacy and tact.

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